IDB Invest Gala

The INVEST Reveal Gala was designed to be a long-winded theatrical building up of the new branding launch for Inter-American Development Bank. Our studio created an immersive screen environment that centered around the main stage. This enormous undertaking also included the coordination of auditory special effects integrated with live speech.

Studio HHH_IDB Invest Gala_5.png

Studio HHH_IDB Invest Gala_2.png

Each immersive screen interacted with and influenced the other. Custom animations built between the screens by traveling along and feeding into content on the main screen. This built of abstract animation eventually lead to the content and logo reveal to mark the launch of IADB’s new brand. In addition, our team also created an emotive custom video that was shown right before the reveal that _____say what the video did______.

The projection became the backdrop for an all immersive experience. Three individual stages were integrated into the space, being on ground level at only 18 inches off the ground. Each of the testimonials began in the dark with a simple sound to get the crowd's attention. A single spotlight would then appear on the speaker on these stages in the middle of the crowds. People turned their attention to the speaker to hear personalized stories of how investing in local infrastructure can change lives. Each story came alive as they were integrated with the whole surrounding environment.

Our team consisted of sound specialist _____, lighting specialist_______, and _________. The team flew in from different parts of the country to execute the project over a three day period. Our team was able to work quickly and efficiently to create an immersive experience that changed the way people thought of the brand.